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During the duration of the agreement, Serverion will ensure that the availability on the network and power supplies in the Serverion server rooms is 99.9%. The time of a malfunction and the time when the malfunction is corrected determine the uptime guarantee of availability. The availability is measured per year. Higher uptimes are possible by means of clustering, load balancing and geographically separated servers, these services are exclusively provided as tailor-made solutions and come with their own Service Level Agreement and agreement.

Advanced Service Level Agreements

Especially for Serverion customers, Serverion offers uptime guarantees covered by a professional Service Level Agreement with financial refunds.

Service Level Agreement SLA Level 0 SLA Level 1 SLA Level 2 SLA Level 3
24/7 SMS Monitoring 1 1 1 1
24/7 LibreNMS Monitoring 1 1 1 1

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